The Ultimate Camp Jordan Packing List

☐ Water Bottle 
☐ Flashlight
☐ Sleeping bag, blanket, pillow
☐ Bible, notepad, pen and marker
☐ Soap and shampoo
☐ Toothbrush and toothpaste
☐ Hairbrush
☐ Towels
☐ Sneakers and sandals
☐ Sunscreen and bug repellent
☐ 1-piece swim suit (or 2-piece plus cover-up)
☐ PJ’s
☐ Lots of socks and underwear
☐ Long shorts and pants
☐ Long and short-sleeved tops
☐ Hat, sweatshirts, jacket
☐ Raincoat
☐ Old clothes for mud fun

*A reminder to please dress conservatively at Camp Jordan*

What NOT to Bring to Camp
☐ Food or gum (We have lots of yummy treats provided for you!)
☐ Cell phone or electronics of any kind
☐ Anything containing peanuts
☐ Valuables (such as jewelry)
☐ Scented products (such as perfumes)
☐ Weapons or drugs of any kind